The Bootstrapping Byte #5 - Bonjour Monsieur Claude

News from the chat-bot front, business models for solopreneurs, common mistakes with server components and how to fix them, a documentary about the man behind

The Bootstrapping Byte #5 - Bonjour Monsieur Claude
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This week: news from the chat-bot front, business models for solopreneurs and some nice nerdy stuff.

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🦾 News from the AI-chatbot front

The week has been pretty rich on the chatbot scene. My 3 picks are the new ChatGPT's plugin, Claude 2 from Anthropic and Bard landing in Europe.

OpenAI's new plugin "Code interpreter" - a data analyst in your pocket

OpenAI rolled-out a new plugin for ChatGPT Plus users: Code interpreter. It allows users to run Python code in a sandboxed environment that can under command do a series of complex tasks: Data analysis, Image processing or Code editing.

Chat GPT’s CODE INTERPRETER Plugin — Here is EVERYTHING you need to know: Leverage the tool…
Chat GPT has just released it’s new Plugin Code interpreter, and this plugin is totally insane.


  • ChatGPT has released a new plugin called Code Interpreter, which allows users to run Python code in a sandboxed environment.
  • The Code Interpreter can be used for a variety of tasks such as data analysis, image processing, code editing, and other tasks like generating text, translating languages, and writing creative content.
  • The plugin can be enabled from the settings under Beta Features, and it can be used to upload and analyse files, including CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, and SQL databases.
  • The author used the plugin to perform deep data analysis on a .csv file of Customer Lifetime Value, generating various visualisations and insights.
  • The Code Interpreter can also be used to create presentations, perform calculations, and generate various types of visual charts.

Anthropic jumping into the arena with Claude 2

In the meantime, Anthropic - a competitor of OpenAI founded by former employees - deployed its new chatbot: Claude 2. Having read different post comparing it to ChatGPT, it seems to do an excellent job when extracting data from document and has been trained on data up to early 2023. To be continued..

Anthropic releases Claude 2, its second-gen AI chatbot
Anthropic, the AI startup founded by ex-OpenAI execs, has released its newest chatbot, Claude 2. It’s ostensibly improved in several ways.


Anthropic, an AI startup co-founded by ex-OpenAI executives, has released Claude 2, a new text-generating AI model available in beta in the U.S. and U.K.

  • Claude 2 is an improvement over its predecessor, Claude 1.3, scoring higher on tests such as the bar exam, the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam, and Python coding tests.
  • The new model was trained on more recent data and has improved reasoning and self-awareness, but it still shares the same architecture as Claude 1.3.
  • Despite improvements, Claude 2 still has limitations such as hallucination, generating toxic text, and data regurgitation, but Anthropic claims it is "2x better" at giving harmless responses.
  • Anthropic has raised $1.45 billion to date and estimates it will need $5 billion over the next two years to create its envisioned chatbot, with most of the cash going towards compute infrastructure.

Google's chatbot Bard finally released in the EU

I asked Bard to present himself in a short elevator speech, I let you judge 🙃:

To start messing around with Bard👇

‎Try Bard, an AI experiment by Google
Bard is your creative and helpful collaborator to supercharge your imagination, boost productivity, and bring ideas to life.

⚙️ EDIT - How to pick the right AI tools to do stuff

At this stage, many of us are a bit overwhelmed by the number of AI systems available: who cares! AI is just a tool that helps us do ship faster (better?) so Ethan Mollick shared an opinionated guide based on use cases. Tell me what you want to do and I tell you which AI tool you should use 🔮

How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide
Covering the state of play as of Summer, 2023

🍜 Economic model that work best for 1-person businesses

Indie hacking is a trendy topic: the idea that you could build your own small business and make a living from that. But where to start? Having an overview of the types of business that (might) work for solopreneur is a good way to start their journey.

9 best business models for a strong 1-person business?
Welcome to the 3rd edition of Tiny Empires. This week sponsored by Million Labs. A quick note before today’s post: I hosted the first Tiny Empires event this week “How to build a 6-figure business with no staff”. Thanks to everyone who came along. Despite some microphone issues at the start, we had

🤓  Getting familiar with server components in Next JS - (Skip if you're not a developer)

Server components are gaining hype with the release of next 13. As I'm playing around with it, I've found a good resource about the common mistake devs make when starting with server components and most important how to fix them.

5 Common Pitfalls with Server Components in Next13 (with examples)
The App Router is a new feature in NextJS 13, and it was recently switched to being the recommended option when you create a new NextJS application. This effectively replaces the Pages Router, and NextJS has documentation on how you can incrementally switch over. The most notable difference in the

🍪 Tasty treat of the week: Meet Jeff Delaney from

If you're in tech, you've probably heard about the Youtube channel, famous for it's short and funny explainers. Honeypot just released a portrait of Jeff Delaney, the guy behind this 2M+ subscriber channel, a nice short documentary to watch.

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