The Bootstrapping Byte #3 - Mamamia what a time to build!

OpenAI is enabling function calling directly from GPT-4, Apple is releasing its developer toolkit to build AR and VR applications for the upcoming Vision Pro, and Figma is closing the gap between design and code.

The Bootstrapping Byte #3 - Mamamia what a time to build!
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This week is about building on new technologies with OpenAI enabling function calling directly from GPT-4, Apple releasing its developer toolkit to build AR and VR applications for the upcoming Vision Pro, and Figma closing the gap between design and code.

🤖 OpenAI introduces function calling - Now we can give tools to GPT-4!

Last week, OpenAI released a new feature for its GPT-4 model named "function calling". This enables users to provide functions/tools that can be called by the model, significantly expanding its capabilities.

GPT-4 Can Use Tools Now—That’s a Big Deal
What “function calling” is, how it works, and what it means


  • OpenAI's GPT-4 now features "function calling", enabling it to use tools for task completion
  • Function calling lets GPT-4 interact with external code, databases, or APIs as needed
  • This new feature enhances GPT models' capabilities and supersedes some open-source libraries' functions
  • GPT-4 can now perform tasks like checking weather, retrieving stock prices, or sending emails, and can run agents for complex tasks
  • The update poses challenges for infrastructure layer companies, as OpenAI could replace some of their functionalities with this new feature

🥽 The SDK for VisionOS is out: the start of a new goldrush?

After blockchain, and LLM, the VR gold rush might have just started with Apple releasing its SDK for VisionOS. The company from Cupertino wants developers around the world to experiment and develop tons of apps for its VR product before the launch in 2024. All you need is a developer account ($100 / year), a robust laptop, and a lot of grit to get started.

visionOS Overview
All-new platform. Familiar frameworks and tools. Get ready to build and design an entirely new universe of apps for Apple Vision Pro.


  • VisionOS is Apple's new spatial computing platform for creating applications for the Apple Vision Pro due in 2024
  • Apple wants developers to start experimenting with the platform ASAP and generate a rich ecosystem of apps prior to the launch
  • The firm headquartered in Cupertino sells it as an opportunity at least as big as the launch of the App Store in 2008

🛸 Figma is filling the gap between software and design

Figma just introduced its new Dev Mode to facilitate the cooperation between design and dev teams. The new plugins keep design and code in sync, which can significantly reduce feature development time!

Introducing Figma’s New Dev Mode | Figma Blog
Learn about our new interface, and how we’re making Figma better for developers


  • Figma's new Dev Mode is the Chrome DevTools for design files, with plugins for inspection and code generation
  • Inspection: Plugins can take over the Inspect Panel and pull in context and information from other tools that’s needed for design implementation, such as Jira or GitHub
  • Code generation: Plugins can customize code generation using languages and frontend frameworks that Figma doesn’t support natively
  • Dev Mode and the Figma for VS Code extension are free in beta until 2023, then require a paid plan

🍪 Tasty treat of the week: Free video course on "How to sell your company" from

Thinking about selling your business? The's team just released a free course on "how to sell your company". Having sold 2 companies and building a platform that now handles hundreds of transactions per year, Andrew Gazdecki - the founder of - knows a lot about the topic. He personally coached me when we sold our first company 🙏


  • Attracting Offers
  • Preparing for Acquisition
  • Negotiation and Closing
  • Legal
  • Life After Exit

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